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Joy in Harmony with God

This past weekend, I hosted my first concert performance in honor of my non-profit organization. The vocalists and pianists presented their music. Their music was inspirational and motivational. While teaching piano lessons the previous week, some students hadn’t practiced well. “Play for accuracy,” I would say, “Don’t just play your music, mistakes and all, and call it good. Instead, take each section and sometimes each measure and dissect it until it makes sense, and you can play both hands together.”
Watching these talented musicians at the concert was a revelation to me. To perform at such a professional level, one must invest in years of tiresome meticulous practice. And oh, the joy that came from watching their fingers fly across the keyboard or hearing the soaring notes of the vocalist as he brought The Lord’s Prayer to a climax!
In Psalm 30:5, the psalmist assures us that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. How true that is to our lives. I’ve been through nights of grief and pain that I thought would never end; afterward, those challenges and trials produced a spirit of joy in the final process of a heart that my Savior touched.
In my early piano years, I can vividly remember the tears and dramatic emotions at the piano when I didn’t want to practice or if the music was too difficult. I would cause those around me to roll their eyes or suffer from my poor performance. But when I finally submitted to my teacher’s chastening hand and self-discipline, my music became motivating, inspirational, and moving.
Dear one, you may be walking through a time of “tuning your instrument,” which sounds painful. Those notes are not harmonious, nor is your music a beautiful representation of what God was to do through you. God calls us to an in-depth practice of our faith walk. Remember that these moments of suffering pale compared to the joy to come. Your life is an incredible symphony of God’s grace and mercy. Practice well to perform to hear, “Well done, Faithful Child!”
tune, instrument, word of God, prayer, harmonyGet in Harmony with God

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