Perfectly Redeemed in My Imperfection

I learned the art of sweeping hardwood floors at an early age. My Mom required near perfection when we helped clean the house on Saturday mornings. She felt that if we learned to do something well, it would serve us into our adult years. In college and for many years after that, I often worked as a housekeeper to earn extra income. Because I learned how to clean well, especially floors, my work was complimented and I often received tips.
I raised both my daughters with the same concept. Both daughters have in one way or another served in maintenance or janitorial services. Both have learned well the lesson first taught to me by my Mom, now passed down to them. However, there is one complication that we face here in Iowa. When you live on gravel roads, expect dust. Everywhere. No matter how well you clean, there will always be dust. You just can’t get rid of every speck.
That’s the beauty of God’s promise. He sweeps away our offense . No residual traces. It vanishes like the morning mist. Even when I stray, God calls me back to Him because He has redeemed me, bought me with the price of His Son. I belong to Him. No matter what.
This is indeed “Blessed Assurance” to me as I walk through this life. Jesus IS mine…Oh what a foretaste of Glory Divine!

Redemption is not perfection. The redeemed must realize their imperfections. John Piper, pastor

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