What’s Wrong with Me?

A commercial about a young boy growing into a man who later impacts his community moves me to tears. Later, I read an article by a well-known writer on the life of an empty nester. I listen to the silence in my home, and my mind flashes back to when our house was noisy with children’s laughter.

Is this normal? This longing for the days of precious memories? What is the purpose of such poignant nostalgia? Am I the only one who feels this way? What is wrong with me?

This morning, as I read through Revelation 21:1-6, I believe it is in these moments of longing for the “way things used to be” that makes us more desirous for a time to come in which all things will be made perfect: perfect relationships, being with those we love, no more tears of loneliness, pain, or grief. Life as our Gracious Creator originally intended it.

John the Revelator (the author of Revelation) gives us a beautiful glimpse into the astonishing description of our new life to come with Jesus Christ. The splendor of these words should excite us, giving us just a little taste of a life that will one day be ours in reality. Oh, how my heart longs for such a time!

Our minds can’t truly comprehend the glory that awaits us. However, in these verses, we can get an idea of what will be, made all the sweeter by the precious memories of what “once was.” A taste of perfection is to come.

Lord, as I cast my mind to sweet memories with those I love and have loved, moving swiftly through the years, help me not be so tied to the past that I fail to prepare for the future. A future of eternal hope. A time when no pain will exist, no grief to bear, and no sin to mar. Thank you for these moments and experiences that helped me long for a time to come in a place especially designed by the Master Creator. In all this, we will one day be together, a complete family for all eternity. Amen.